Bibi Smit

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As a child I was always drawing, and from the age of ten onwards, I was really drawn to watercolour. Looking back, I think watercolour has something innate that glass also has: a kind of transparency, immediacy and spontaneity. Hot glass for me seems to be alive, the way that it flows and moves and radiates light, it totally fascinates me.

I take photographs of things that interest me, sometimes not knowing why, and it may take five or ten years before a piece develops from a series of photographs or sketches or ideas that I have had.

The piece needs to have a movement in it. It needs to be alive; it needs to convey a message or a thought or feeling to another person. And glass to me is the perfect material to express movement. It is like wind; you don’t see wind, but you see trees moving, waves flowing. Everything is moving, nothing is static. And that is, for me, the essence of life. Life doesn’t stand still; it is always moving. I find really exciting.